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Break Your Dog of Their Leader Behaviors

If you're having trouble training your dog to walk on a leash or heel on command, it's probably because they don't see you as the leader. Every pack of dogs has an leader, and you need to show your dog that you're the one in charge. See the difference professional dog training can have on your pet by signing them up for classes at MuttWorks Dog Training in Texarkana, TX. We'll work with your furry friend until their undesired behaviors are fixed.

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You'll love MuttWorks Dog Training

Dog training isn't just a job for us - it's something we're truly passionate about. Our lead trainer has been around animals his entire life and is a certified veterinary technician. He's spent time studying natural dog behaviors and figuring out ways to make living and working with dogs much easier. Through our dog training programs, we can create better lives for you and your pets.

We also provide special discounts for all military personnel, veterans, first responders and school officials. If you need help training a service dog or a therapy dog, you can turn to us. We offer financial plans to fit your budget.

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