Ask About Our Working Dog Training Program in Texarkana, TX

Teach Your Dog Obedience and Other Skills

Every dog has their own personality. Some are hyper and active, while others are calm and cuddly. But what you don’t want is an aggressive or dismissive dog, especially if they’re a working dog. Live in harmony with your furry friend by teaching them the behavior and skills you want them to display.

MuttWorks Dog Training in Texarkana, TX offers gentle but consistent training programs for:

Obedience and behavior development
Skill development for hunting and agility
Service work like herding and security

When your dog listens and behaves like they should, everyone will be happier. Reach out to us today to start working dog training classes in Texarkana, TX. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and TikTok!

Check out our training programs

We've been working with dogs for years, so we know a thing or two about how to train them. We offer three different training programs to best fit your needs.

You can send your dog to:

Obedience training classes

Working dog training classes

Service dog training classes