I got my pup last year, found him after an apparent hit and run. After we got the leg healed, I wasn't sure what his behavior would be like. He had a history of trauma, and being a pit mix I knew we would face an uphill battle in perception. Keith has made my life and Teddy's life so much easier. Now I feel confident in my dog's behavior in practically any situation, and he is a sweet and loyal companion. I can't give enough credit to Keith!

M Alice Martin

A trained dog = a happy dog! A happy dog = happy family! Thanks Keith for great work with our Pipen!
Mutt Works

LaNelle Milner Claussen

Keith and his family are wonderful. they work with the dogs they train from early mornings to late nights. they treat each and every dog as family. everytime my dog loki sees Keith he gets so excited as he knows it is not only work time but fun time also. Highly recommended.

Rochelle Hooper

I am extremely impressed! My girl was terrified of everyone and everything but since she has been with Keith, she has turned into a completely different dog! Before she wouldn't let anyone near her, would growl if you tried to pet her, and if you persisted she would snap at you. As you can imagine, a visit to the vet was a nightmare where she had to be muzzled and sedated for them to do anything to her. Now, she has gone up to complete strangers wanting them to pet her AND she has improved greatly at the vet's office to the point she didn't even have to be muzzled for her 6 month check up and shots! Even the doc was impressed at the difference in her behavior!!! So from Gracie and I, we thank you so much Keith!

Erika Wommack

We highly recommend Mutt Works! Keith did an amazing job with our little, stubborn 6 month old French Bulldog. We received her back last week after a 3 week training and she is behaving and responding exactly as he promised. Before training she was very defiant, wouldn't come when called, chewed up the kids toys, wouldn't potty train, ran away, you name it. When she returned home, she responds immediately to commands, walks perfectly on and off a leash and knows how she is expected to behave and when. But she didn't lose any of her fun personality, she's our same funny boisterous pup, just a much better version. It's truly amazing, we are so happy we chose to send her, it is totally worth the money. The best part is that he comes back time after time to your home to check on your progress and fix any issues you might be having adjusting with your pup. We is also taking us out in public with her next week to coach us through that. If your having issues with your pet, Keith is your guy! He just really understands what animals respond to and how their mind works. Thank you Keith!

Wendee Perryman Bristow

Words don't come to mind to express what a positive experience it is to have Keith working with my 2 Boxers. They're extremely stubborn, headstrong, playful and yes, spoiled. I thought at 2 years old, that maybe it was too late to train them. I was so wrong. After only 5 training sessions, i can now take them out by myself, and walk them both together by myself, and take them in the front yard without fear of them bolting. Keith is always available to answer questions (even when my male was bitten by a copperhead). It's an added plus that he has a veterinary background. Keith is the best trainer I could have hoped for, bar none. I can honestly say it was worth every single penny to have the peace of mind I have now concerning my babies.

Dana Johnson Smith

Great family!! they love you and your dog!!

Janeen Garner

Keith is amazing with our dogs and has worked wonders with our (previously) very dog aggressive GSD! He is calm and knows exactly how to handle all dogs. I've watched him in many different training environments and he is amazing! Great for training, boarding and behavior modifications. 10 out of 10!

Denise White

We needed holiday care for two large dogs and a small "Houdini" dog. And they were great. We didn't worry about them at all just missed them. The text updates and pictures of them made my kids smile. Thank you Keith for loving our fur family members.
Annabelle, Kassidy and Ryse.

Karen L Mote

Zeus came home great! I'm following instructions and he's just getting better and better

Lishia Matlock

I have to say Keith has the best rapport with dogs that I have ever seen. From basic training to advanced he is by far the best. Not only does he use humane methods he really works hard with you and your dog for the best possible outcome.

Kim Williamson

Dog training , dedication, and a man of his word. Our lives with our dog will never be the same. Thank you so much

Nelson Bui

Keith always helps when a concern or problem comes up. You can count on him.

Mary L Hiles

The time our Labrador Buttercup spent training with Keith Fernandez surely paid off for us - she is a happy dog! We are happy dog people! Anyone looking for help teaching a dog manners and socialization, Keith Fernandez is your best possible bet. Buttercup was less than 2 years when we adopted her from a rescue group - she did not know how to walk on a leash, let alone basic commands. In short order, Keith turned all that around - with no dent in her exuberance for life. Keith and dogs understand one another!

Jazz Jaeschke Kendrick