Teach Your Dog the Basics

Let your companion participate in dog obedience training in Texarkana, TX

From housebreaking to basic commands, there's a lot to teach your puppy. You don't have to handle dog potty training all by yourself. You can leave that and dog obedience training to MuttWorks Dog Training in Texarkana, TX.

We'll housetrain your dog and teach them several commands:

Stationary: "Sit," "settle" and "stay"
Moving: "With me," "come" and "let's go"
Corrective: "No," "off" and "leave it"

Before you know it, you'll have a well-behaved companion who makes you proud of their good behavior on every walk. Call 512-688-9368 now for a free estimate on dog obedience training.

3 programs for training

Where would you like to train your dog, and how long do you want training to last? You can choose our:

3-week boarding and training program at our facility.

12-week drop-off training program at Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital.

12-week private lesson training program at your home or another setting