Is Your Dog Acting Up?

Try behavior modification training in Texarkana, TX

When anyone arrives at your house, your dog barks at the top of their lungs. Maybe your companion is aggressive towards other dogs on walks. Maybe your dog tears furniture or scratches doors while you're away from home.

Does any of this sound familiar? MuttWorks Dog Training can help. We provide behavior modification training services in Texarkana, TX. We deal with all kinds of issues, including:

Resource guarding
Separation anxiety
Food aggression
Social issues

Whether you have a reactive dog or an aggressive dog, our training will help them learn better behavior. Discuss your companion with us right away.

We train leash-reactive dogs

Leash reactivity is a common issue. Some dogs refuse to walk on leashes, pull on their leashes or become aggressive towards other dogs while leashed. We can come up with a custom leash-reactive and aggressive dog training plan. We'll address your buddy's specific issues, teaching them calm, polite behavior.

Do you need to improve behavior that isn't listed on this page? Call 512-688-9368 now to schedule a free consultation about your dog's issues. We'll come up with a custom approach to behavior modification training.

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